Now Off To the Races!

Well friends it has been quite a day.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has been helping me navigate this issue since it came to light last Monday; my campaign team, my supporters, my friends with legal backgrounds, my employers, my family, the journalists who believed this was an important story to cover and Elections NS.

It was clear from the beginning that Elections NS recognized the discriminatory nature of the status quo interpretation of Section 236(7) of the Elections Act.  Indeed, this was why the amendments were made to the Act and passed without objection in the Legislature.

I am so pleased with the swift and decisive action take by the Premier to proclaim the Amendment and allow me to both continue my campaign and financially support my household while I do that.

I entered this race with the intention of shining light on the systemic issues which keep people marginalized from power.  Never did I imagine that my campaign would do such a thing so early in the race and with such a bold victory for democracy!

So the next time anyone asks me what change can a lone wolf Independent candidate hope to make, I have a very good answer for them.