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Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs

IMG_20150624_085320Election signs bother me.  The ones in public spaces bother me most.  It is one thing to get permission to place a sign on private property, where consent must be explicitly granted; but the massive arrays of similar, unimaginative, single-use, plastic, party bill boards on every public fence, intersection and green space is a bit much, isn’t it?

I wanted to try to do this campaign using only window posters, but  signs are somewhat necessary to let more people know they have an Independent choice to consider on voting day.  My campaign team and I brainstormed as to how we could make some at a very low cost and using materials other than plastic.

Being an artist and all round crafty person, I had a variety of materials to work with out of the gate; some old painting canvasses, a large sheet of canvass from a dead craft project, and lots and lots of acrylic paint and outdoor varnish.  The idea was, we would cut some stencils and spray-paint my candidacy information on hand made frames.  I went to Kent and picked up a bundle of scrap strapping for $9.99 to construct the frames, then stretch the canvas around them.   Over all I am pretty happy with how they turned out, and we calculated that each sign cost about $2.50 each to make in dollars, but they do take far more time and energy to produce.

In the end we should have about 25 one-of-a-kind lawn signs to spread around the riding, three are already up, and I have orders for about five more, and a couple people in apartment buildings want some window flags.  It doesn’t seem like very many, but  if we are strategic about placement they should do the job for a couple of key public spaces and supporters lawns who have been with me on this since the beginning.

We have given out lots of window posters, and are working on a few new designs for indoor window signs, so hopefully that will be enough to let most people in the riding know there is a 4th candidate in the riding, and that they will be unique enough that people will want to check out my website or find out more about me.

This is called doing what you can with what you have grassroots campaigning.

It is very important to me to stick to my principles and stay true to myself during this campaign, and to allow who I am and how I do things to be reflected by the type of campaign I run.  Creativity, thrifty budgeting, sustainability and teamwork were the only things I needed to tackle the sign issue in my campaign.  And although I don’t have the resources to set up 3-6 sign arrays in every nook and cranny of the riding, I am feeling good about how my campaign team and I problem-solved through and came together to make it happen.