Campaign Blog

Taking time for a moment of Big Thanks!

I would just like to take this time to say a big ole THANK YOU to my campaign team for offering their time and talent in this adventure.  This is the first time many of the people on my team have been engaged with the political process at this level, and despite their inexperience, extremely busy lives juggling work and family and sometimes just basic survival, they find meaningful ways to help out when and where and how they can, expecting nothing in return, and keeping me grounded.

I would also like to say thank you to the people of Dartmouth South for being so encouraging and kind to me as I knock on their doors and ask them for their consideration.  The reception from partisans and non-partisans alike has been amazing.  Even if they aren’t voting for me, they are thanking me for my participation and recognizing the value I am adding to this by-election.  If respect equaled votes, I would have this thing locked up.  Thank you especially to everyone who has put a poster in their window, a sign on their lawn, and their good word to my name.

And finally, I would like to say thank you to all my silent supporters.  Those of you who have government jobs and are entrenched with all three parties, who do not feel the freedom to voice their support for me publically, but who have taken the time to email me, or contact me on social media, and in some cases, participated directly on my campaign behind the scenes.  I was taken aside by one of those entrenched party people, so that he could whisper in my ear that he had cast his vote for me today because he believed that if I won, it would be the best thing that happened in Nova Scotia politics  in a long time.  I got all teary eyed as I shook his hand.  Support can come from the unlikeliest of places sometimes.

All of this support, all of these people, all of this hope and belief… it is giving me the drive and energy and courage to push forward… and maybe even win this thing.

I know this is the type of thing that people do at the end of a campaign, but in many ways, I feel like I have already won, regardless of how many votes are counted for me on July 14.  So again, from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU ALL!!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!