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Obligatory Election Night Blog

It is 6:30pm on the day of, what will certainly go down in Canadian election history as, the most Epic Canadian Election Ever.  The longest, most grueling, shit show of  Canadian Political Theatre at its finest.  An amazing round of applause for all of the local candidates from all of the colors… offering as a political candidate is a very personal and risky role to take on, and although some of the party producers went a bit sideways with tactics, most of the local candidates conducted themselves with integrity and put their hearts into it, so Kudos for that.  Based on the last polls I saw for the Halifax context, it is going to be a long nail-biting night for them.

On the National level, it is looking like a Liberal minority with a Conservative opposition… though I am leaving open the possibility, as I do with all elections, that the polls are not properly capturing the outcome they might indicate.  If voter turnout is as high as it looks like it is going to be, the youth and traditional non-voter vote may completely surprise us all.

Social media certainly did its part today in getting out the vote.  From the time I woke up at 7am this morning, my feed was filled with election news, and people proudly sharing their voter status.  So if there is record high voter turnout, I suspect the pro-democracy peer pressure had something to do with it.

I wonder how many people flipped a coin today between the Liberals and the NDP.  I wonder if the Greens are going to pick up a couple more seats.  I wonder if Stephen Harper found a way to steal the election?! These questions and more will be answered soon enough.  So excited, it feels like Xmas.

My guests are starting to arrive.  I will try to come back later tonight…