Holiday Greetings

I have always been a huge fan of the Holidays.  My mother was one of those ones who always broke her back to make sure my siblings and I had nothing but positive experiences during the holidays.  The Annual Christmas Eve gathering at my grandparents house was always the highlight for me.  Togetherness, Celebration, and Indulgence… these are the themes which make up my own personal Holiday Spirit.

There were a few Holidays that were dark and hard.  Where poverty and instability loomed large over the holidays, and only accentuated the hopelessness and despair of the new year to come.  I empathize with those out there who are experiencing a Holiday like that this year; those who have no one to be together with, who have no reason to celebrate, and who have no means to indulge.

It is perhaps why this year, new Hoiday themes of Sentimentality and Nostalgia have emerged.   A time to reflect on where I am entering 2016, the experiences I have had to get me here, through each of my 38 Holidays past.

This Holiday Season I am beaming with love and light… and excitement for the transition into 2016.   I feel big changes in the air on an individual, community and global level, and I am ready for them.  My Holiday Spirit is in full effect this year.

So with all that being said, I would like to take this time to wish everyone a Very Happy Holidays. I raise a toast to you for surviving 2015, and another for the great things to come in 2016.  Let your own Holiday Spirit hang out this year; relax and enjoy your friends and family; don’t get hung up on the consumer bullshit of the season and infect everyone around you with your love and light.  Do it for you but also for the people who, for whatever reason, are enveloped in darkness and unable to find their own Holiday Spirit this year.

With peace, love and glad tidings, Char Char