Facilitator Services

facilitate [fuhsil-i-teyt]

1. to make easier or less difficult; help forward

2. to assist the progress of a person or group

Let me make your next event, conference, community engagement event easier for you!  I can organize, coordinate and promote small and large groups and events, as well as offer the following specialized services

Social Media Campaigns

Do you need a social media plan but don’t know where to start?  Do you know what platforms are going to be most effective for the people you are trying to reach?  The Social Media Campaign Module can help you create your online infrastructure and advise you on best practices for implementing a successful Social Media Campaign.

Small Group Facilitation

I use both traditional focus group style engagement, or creative engagement processes using the arts and a variety of online, audio and video technologies.  Storytelling, placemaking, media production, and virtual moderation are all services offered in this module.

Broadcast and Webcast Event Add-on

Are you having an event that you want to make available to a larger audience?  Do you want to reach people from far away via the Internet, or close to home using low frequency FM Radio.  In partnership with Ryakuga Grassroots Communications, small and large scale personal and community events can be broadcast and/or webcast live, as well as archived for replay later.  Get in touch about all the options available.