Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting Services include:

  • Surveys and Polls
  • Data Handling, Collection and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluations

Surveys and Polls

Get the pulse on what your clients and customers are saying, thinking and feeling through straight questions and answers.  With 1000’s of possible questions to choose from, I will work with you to build the best survey for your needs.  In addition to survey design, I can analyze the data collected and report results to a variety of different audiences.

Data Handling, Collection and Analysis

Sometimes you need more in-depth data than a simple survey or poll can provide.  Whether you need assistance gathering data from secondary sources like Statistics Canada, have data that you have collected and need compiled, or need to undergo data collection for analysis, I have over a decade of experience working with a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative social data.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is important for groups who would like to form an association or non-profit, as well as existing non-profit organizations. For a Strategic Plan to be effective it needs to be realistic and practical and based on all the materials and social, resources and capital the group has at their disposal.  My strategic planning services are bottom-up and participatory, and can be applied to short and long term goal achievement.

Program Evaluations

Most funding agencies require a program evaluations  at various stages  of any project or program.    A thorough and multi-dimensional program evaluation can not only be an effective tool in securing funding and keeping your funders happy, but it can also serve as a public relations and communications tool for the organization itself.  I can help you design and implement an evaluation framework for your project or program at any stage of its development, measuring organizational and participant outcomes using: your organization’s statistics; staff and client input; and community impact auditing.

If your association or organization needs assistance in planning for the present or future,

I use traditional, technological, and arts-based methods of engagement.

I work closely with my clients to apply the findings, through the development of strategic plans and action-oriented recommendations.

I am affordable for small organizations and grassroots initiatives, but also have the capacity for large-scale corporate and government projects.